Services provided by Madina tul Ilm

Al-Eman Society is engaged in providing services, which are not provided by other Muslim centres in Toronto. For example: 
  • We provide Ghusl/Kafan services free of charge.
  • We provide the Masjid for Isale-sawab Majlis and weddings for nominal donation. Nobody is disappointed.
  • We provide counselling on religious and family issues regardless of membership status.
  • We are the only Shia Masjid available to those who have no car and must rely on TTC for their transportation. This includes foreign students that are here for studies.
  • We are the only Shia Masjid easily accessible for Juma prayers to those that work downtown.
  • The Masjid is open 7 days per week at all Prayer times, with rare exceptions.
Your donation helps in all the above services. It also helps us to pay for utility bills, visiting Ulema and a modest salary for our resident Aalim. It also motivates our volunteers to continue providing the regular day to day services that the community relies on a Masjid for. Please contact us if we can be of any assistance.